Messages for Women

As you review the speaking topics listed below, please know that there are others not listed here. If you are interested in a topic not listed here, email me at and we will work on this together. I am happy to develop other messages to meet your organization’s specific focus and theme.

A Woman’s Walk with Her God: Understanding Who You Are in Christ
Do you believe that you are God’s precious and beloved daughter in Christ Jesus? Fully understanding who you are in Christ is vital to your spiritual growth and a thriving relationship with your Heavenly Father! Diane will share how to receive and apply God’s powerful truth to your daily life in order to live a joy-filled life.

Forgiveness: The Pathway to Healing
Forgiveness is a painful and emotionally charged word for many believers in the body of Christ. Do you struggle with deep wounds from past hurts, anger, resentment and the inability to forgive in some of your relationships? God intends for us to live a life of freedom and joy extending His grace, mercy and forgiveness to one another. Do you need help learning biblical truths that will set you free from your prison of un-forgiveness? Diane will help you discover biblical truths that can set you free from the bondages of un-forgiveness.

Living the Victories Life in Christ
Do you struggle with feeling competent and being able to successfully fulfill the numerous roles in your life? Do you wish you could stop having negative thoughts and instead see yourself the way God sees you. Come and gain greater understanding of who God has created you to be and how He wants you to experience His joy, confidence and power in each of your life circumstances.

Do Not Fear, I am with Thee!
Is your heart and your mind filled with anxiety? Do you long to experience God’s peace in your relationships and in your circumstances? In His Word, God illustrates practical and life changing ways to deal with your anxiety. You will gain biblical skills and learn how to apply God’s Word to your life circumstances so can enter His rest in the midst of challenging circumstances and transitions in your life.